National Heads-Up Poker Championship 2005 Episode 5 6/7

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Barny M. P. Boatman resume is worthwhile for poker enthusiasts and wannabes

Top-notch poker players from every country tend to be winners or vibrant participants of the World Series of Poker tournament. Rarely will a player optimize their winnings amount or cement their reputation without interposing plays at the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Barny M. P. Boatman has been in the poker industry for a long time and has not only garnered experience but also enlarged his wallet size in the process. He was among the first players to feature in the televised Late Night Poker. Similarly, his fame in poker is ascribable to his triple consecutive final tables at the WSOP with the bracelet merely slipping his finger tips. However, he boasts a single WSOP bracelet under his belt, a closer glance at his resume depicts he is a player with an international winning propensity.

Firstly, Boatman clinched his first ever WSOP bracelet in the $1,500 NLHE Event No.49 where he netted $546,080 in a pool of 2,247-entrant where he ousted Brian O’Donoghue in a lengthy back and forth heads-up encounter. He has also cashed earlier in the $10,000 NLHE tournament where he placed sixteenth in 2000. Read more »

2004 World Series Of Poker WSOP Main Event Ep3 Part 2/5

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Alexander Kravchenko is Russian but boasts shrewdness in poker

The poker arenas are tempting to anyone who throws the hat in the fiercely competitive casino games. The top prize that is garnered from the huge pool of entrants like in the WSOP and the World Poker Tour can be a fortuitous offer for the toughest players who may cash in or final table.

Russians have a penchant for gambling; in fact some players have managed to play at global poker circuits. One poker pro who has risen to the top in the list of Russians is Alexander Kravchenko. He is currently a Moscow denizen and featured in a main event in 2007. His resume interposes remarkable winnings.

In the 2007 WSOP, Alexander had six cashes but has equally won a gold bracelet in a $1,500 Limit Omaha High-Low that saw him take home $228,446. However he made a final table at the World Series of Poker European tournament in the £2,500 Buy-In HORSE tournament that saw him emerge third in Russia’s most –hefty prize pool. Read more »

National Heads-Up Poker Championship 2006 Episode 08 5/5

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Mansour Matloubi plays for casino at all international level

He is a player who has casino amount of. He is a player who has 4 1,940,085. He is a player who has 75 cashes on his account on his name.

A player that has 75 cashes on his account who has made large number of cashes in all international poker game. He is a player who makes large cashes even in online poker game. He is a player who has played world poker tournament in many series. He has 18 cashes on his name in World Series of poker tournament. He is player who has 15 cashes on his account. He strives to win in every match that he plays in the poker game.

He is a player who has 1 bracelet and 19 final tables on his name in the game of poker. He is the player that has played tournaments in national as well at the domestic poker game. He can make changes at any point in the game of poker. He likes to show large happiness after winning in the game. If we look at the world poker tournament and European poker tournament he is a player who has also won at the world series of poker. He has not yet played European poker game.

He is a player who has make large games. He is the player who has made large and maximum. He is a player who has large amount of cashes in his account. He has great skill set in playing poker game. He is a player that can make large amount on his name. He is a player who has talent and plays in all tournaments. He is a player who large amount as well great fan following. He is a player who has played at international level and many poker domestic matches.