Phil Hellmuth is one of the most successful players of poker

Phil Hellmuth was born on 16th July 1964 in America. He is a professional player of poker. He won 13 bracelets in the WSOP main event. He is one of the most successful players of poker. In 1989, he won the WOSP main event as well as earned a cash prize of $755,000. He has nicknamed as ‘poker brat’. In 2014, his total winning of cash prizes became more than $18,175,409. He is among top 10 of the money list of poker players. He is the youngest player of poker who have won the WSOP Main event when he was only 24 years old. In 1992, he won a bracelet in the Hold’Em Main event and earned a cash prize of $168,000.

He finished in final tables of the WSOP main events 50 times as well as he cashed 100 times in the WSOP Main events. He finished at the final table of World poker tour 4 times as well as he cashed 13 times in these events. In 1993, he won three bracelets and won a cash prize of $161,400, $173,000 and $138, 00 and he is one of the successful players of 1993. In 2003, he won two bracelets in the WSOP Main events and won a cash prize of $171,400 and $410,860. He won bracelets in 1997 and 2001 WSOP Main events as well as won the cash prizes of $204,000 and $316,000.

In the Hold’Em Main event of 2006, he won a bracelet as well as won a cash prize of $631,863. In the Hold’Em event of 2007, he won bracelets and won a cash prize of $637,254. In Seven-Card Razz event of 2012, he again won a bracelet as well as won a cash prize of $182,793. He again won the bracelets at the WSOP Hold’Em Main event of 2012 as well as won cash of €1,022,376. He is one of the most successful poker players of America. In 2005, he won national heads-up poker tournament, and he won ‘After Dark’ title in 2006 and earned a cash prize $100,000.

National Heads-Up Poker Championship 2005 Episode 2 6/7

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David Chiu is Among Top-Notch Players in the World

Poker is lucrative and with myriad opportunities that players rely on as a stepping stone to success. The chances to win the game are underpinned on a cluster of equivocal factors. However, some players pivot their success on surmising opponent’s probable moves. One such distinguished player is David Chiu, a Chinese. His campaigns are thought to be catapulted by concentration and reading opponents. His skills on the poker table are substantially dependent on his abilities to deduce with exactitude non-verbal cues of other players. To disprove skeptics on his aptitude in inferring moves, he has participated in global poker platforms where he has scooped four bracelets and stupendous cash.

As of 2014, his trophy case encompassed four golden bracelets. He was conferred his first bracelet at the WSOP $2000 limit-hold’em event. David Chiu went ahead to win another one during the 1998 $3000 LHE. In 2000, he left nothing to chance as he won the $5000 7-Card Stud while the last bracelet piece fortuitously found its way in his trophy portfolio in the 2005 $5000 Omaha High-Low. Besides he has final tabled once at the WSOP, finishing third. Up to now, he has amassed $2.5m in live events and is known to be a profound Texas Hold’em player internationally. The WSOP is arduous, with eliminations and multitudes of players who inundate play, his resume is top-notch.

The Global Poker Index ranked him 39th and 76th on 2009 and 2010 respectively. With his intrinsic abilities for inferences based on body language, he is balanced to garner more cash or a fifth bracelet. His focus should now be on main events at the WPT, EPT, WSOP and WCOOP where he can further boost his desirable reputation. With an immaculate resume, his abilities to win cannot be overlooked; David Chiu is among the superstars who tend to infuse casinos with suspense. He is among the best players, four bracelets help keep him top-notch

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Jack Straus-Poker professional having 2 bracelets in his hands

When you think of playing the games, you can consider the number of games played across. There are number of players who play the game so. In such cases, you can consider the playing of Poker. Poker game is one such game which can make you get the cash prizes, fame and also bracelets when you excel in this game. Excelling in the game matters the most, whereby you can yield the fame, among such players, Jack is knowable for his 2 bracelets.

The player Jack Straus was born on June 16th 1930. He was an American professional player, whereby he was best remembered in his playing of the main event WSOP 1982. The player was given the nickname as Treetop, whereby the player is best knowable for his bracelets which are 2 in numbers. He had also engaged in making money finishes which were 4 in numbers. Jack started playing the game Poker in the year 1970’s. It was by the year 1972, he turned winning it in 4th place. It was by the year 1973, Jack Straus turned winning his very first bracelet for himself, by winning $3, 000 Deuce to Seven Draw event. The very same year he finished it in the 3rd place too.

As treetop:

By the year 1982, he turned winning World Series of Poker main event too, which yielded him with the next bracelet in his history. His appearances in the events 1972, 1973 and 1982 made him rise to the elite status by joining the group of players who has attempted the final table more than 3 times or three times itself. He was a game hunter too. Later posthumously he was inducted to the hall of Fame of Poker the same year, when he expired.