11 thoughts on “2004 World Series Of Poker WSOP Main Event Ep10 Part 3/5

  1. I like how Arieh begins smiling like a jackass and winking when he hit his put for the straight. Doesn’t he know that those are GLARINGLY OBVIOUS TELLS!!! Moron, I’d love to play him heads up.

  2. And LOL @ Arieh talking shit to Dan Harrington taking a check. I fucking GUARANTEE Arieh didn’t walk out of that casino with 2.5 million in cash. His scrawny ass wouldn’t have made it to the parking lot in Vegas before his ass was jacked

  3. Dan Harrington is a true champion.

    And LOL @ that dipshit Arieh “best player at the table”? LOL!

    When it got down to 10 players he may have been the 9th best player at the table. The only guy Arieh was better than was Glen Hughes. Even Mattias “JAAAAAAAA” Andersson is better than Arieh

  4. @Spewmonkeyrags Hes an old G. the tilted green red sox hat. fresh off the shelf no crease. like to see him final table one more

  5. @bballcenter7 thats why hes one of the best. doesnt bluff much but almost 100% bluff rate lol..its all heart . heart of a champion

  6. arieh sucker, how can he say he’s the best player left at this table sitting behind someone like Dan Harrington.

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