Baldridge Captures New Orleans Main Event

When many of the top players and poker top draw players had to wait for long to taste their first major event victory, Jason Baldridge did not have to wait for a long time to get a victory and that took a main event victory under his belt.

He is a part–time poker player who entered the poker scene barely a couple of months ago. Now, he has won the Harrah’s main event in New Orleans. This was the $1675 main event.

He won the event by leaving behind 758 contenders for the title. He collected the last gold ring of the season and it was a remarkable achievement for the part-timer. By winning this main event Baldridge took home a whopping $227,412 in cash. This is not all. He has also won a precious seat in the WSOP Global Casino Championship that is slated to be held at the end of the season.

Baldridge said that he was very happy to have won the main event at the New Orleans. He said that he did not take the game too seriously, thus far and was a cash game player. He had traveled with Anaya and has played in a few tournaments, but was not serious about making a whole lot of cash. It was Anaya, who inspired Baldridge about getting serious in the poker arena as there is a lot of cash involved in the game.

He entered Day 3 of the New Orleans main event as the chip leader. He did not have any nervousness on his face, even though his friend Anaya and another mutual poker friend John Alvarez had nervousness written all over their face.  It was surprising to see Baldridge make his moves with deftness like how experienced hands with lots of tournament experience do. He was unfazed by the situation and the stage of the event and went about doing his business in his usual jovial and entertaining manner.