Josh At WSOP And Twitter

WSOP 2016 saw many big names in the world of professional poker returning to the playing scene such as Josh Arieh.

Born about 1974, this 42 year old player is an American pro in this field, having been active in the playing circles since the year 1999.

His claim to fame started in 1999 when he won the title in Limit Texas Hold’em event in WSOP that year. He finished third in the 2004 main event as well as claimed a second place finish in the 2000 Omaha event, losing the first position to Johnny Chan. He won the second bracelet at the 2005 WSOP event as well. After that there has been numerous wins in varied tournaments as well as being part of the final table in several television shows.

In WSOP 2016 he was seen dashing for the Main Event though his dreams were curtailed on Day one itself. Indeed, in his home town of Atlanta he has gained the reputation of being a high limit player. There was also an interesting controversy created around him a few years back regarding an absurd amount that he was charging for a game. He later on talked about the tweet he had made that had been misread by the community of players and fans in the poker world. There was much controversy created around his comment. It also brought into talks about the player who was asked whether he had taken on a semi retired role in the game as his appearances have reduced. It would surely be a shame to see this player giving up so soon. After all, many are known to continue to play well in their eighties as well. Hence, his latest appearance in WSOP 2016 was heartening to watch by his fans for sure.